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Airport Transfers and Taxis

Our twenty four hours dispatch office will be able to handle any of your transportation needs. We offer car rentals, taxi cab to any destination in trinidad and airport taxi services.

Group Transfers

No matter the size of your group our fleet of buses will get you to your destination

Short and Long Term Vehicle Rentals

We offer a vide variety of vehicles for your rental needs


Defensive Driving Certified

All our drivers are defensive driving certified

First Aid and CPR Certified

Our drivers are First Aid and CPR Certified

STOW Certified

R&R Transport Tour and Rentals Ltd has recently been STOW certified by the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago.


Things we consider to provide to our customers:


As a renowned provider of Transport services in Trinidad, we provide services that not only are of high quality, but also satisfy our customer's needs. We keep in mind all the essential factors in order to provide the best possible airport taxi service in Trinidad.


We provide the highest-quality experience to all our customers who hire our taxi in Trinidad. We believe in the safety and comfort for our clients. This is achieved through our well-trained team of professionals operating our vehicles. So, if you are looking for an outstanding Trinidad and Tobago transportation services, then look no beyond. 

24 hours service at your doorstep

We also provide taxis and shuttle in Trinidad right at your doorstep. The click of one button to make the reservation is enough on our website. We offer 24 hours of taxi service available anywhere in Trinidad. 

Group Transfers

Our Transport companies Trinidad offer group transfers for your entire family and friends. The size of the group does not matter because we provide you a fleet of buses to help you reach your destination comfortably.

Variety of Vehicles

Our airport taxi service in Trinidad is well-acclaimed because of the excellent support we offer to our clients. We provide you with a wide variety of vehicles available for rental with or without drivers. Whether it is for a short or long-term rental we got you cover with our wide variety of vehicles at the lowest prices around, while making sure you receive the finest Trinidad and Tobago transportation. Once you choose us for your vehicle rentals need, you will find out why we are one of the most approached Transport companies in Trinidad.


Our Transport services Trinidad provides you with comfortable, safe and enjoyable transportation experience. We aim to provide you with the best services of taxi in Trinidad as well as other transport facilities in the country! Simply put, Trinidad tours made easier and more fun with R&R Transport Tours and Rentals Ltd.


Contact us at R&R Transport Tours and Rentals Ltd for the most convenient, reliable and affordable transportation in Trinidad and Tobago, and make your Trinidad tours all the more exciting.

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